Shenzhen Launch Digital Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2005 and with the registered capitals of RMB one hundred and five million, is the domestic leading intelligent service robot solution provider and innovative-type infrared thermal imaging technology promoter. It is a national new high-tech enterprise specializing in AI, electromechanical control, machine vision, deep learning and comprehensive application development of infrared temperature measurement technology.

         Launch infrared business is a strategic business sector that the company has focused on developing and investing. Launch Infrared focuses on researching and developing the innovative-type infrared thermal imaging products and introducing the high-definition, accurate-temperature-measuring, rich intelligent infrared thermal imaging series products and industry solutions. It has formed four product series including the online infrared, core module, instrument and apparatus and UAV infrared, which have been widely applied to the industries such as the equipment maintenance, power, petroleum and petrochemical, military police, building and industrial production line to practically promote the intelligent, digital, visual and unmanned change process of the industry and the people's livelihood industry.

         The company's intelligent robot business started in 2007, with the robot technology as the core, which focused on the comprehensive application in the fields such as AI, automatic robot control, digital intelligent service device, image processing and intelligent video analysis. The power patrol inspection robot and the pipe gallery patrol inspection robot independently researched and developed with its own independent intellectual property have had the leading advantages among the products of the same kind. The robot products are mainly applied to different environments in multiple fields such as power, petrochemical, military police, municipal administration and family. It has been devoted to creating the unattended intelligent robot service, routine inspection, patrol inspection and accompanying solutions.

        From the power patrol inspection robot products, the pipe gallery intelligent patrol inspection robot products, indoor environment patrol inspection robot products, nuclear emergency disposal robot products, infrared thermal imaging detection products to the intelligent video analysis products, Launch Digital's products have passed over one hundred inspections conducted by the authoritative testing institutions such as China Electric Power Research Institute, MORLAB International Laboratory and Changhong International Laboratory, and its products have kept the fine quality and have been consistent all the time.

       Adhering to the idea of great virtue, integrity, struggling and innovation, Launch Digital has won the recognition and trust from all walks of life, and it has passed many international and domestic certifications at present. In all kinds of assessments by the domestic and international institutions, it won many honors and was successively rated as "National New High-tech Enterprise","Software Enterprise", "Shenzhen New High-tech Enterprise", "China's Top 10 Innovative Brands in Security and Protection", "China's Top 100 Typical Enterprises in Independent Software Innovation", "China's Top 10 National Security and Protection Brands", the 5th place among "Top 50 High-tech and High-growth Enterprises of Deloitte China", the 8th place among "Top 500 High-tech and High-growth Enterprises of Deloitte in Asia-Pacific", "China's Top 30 Gold Medal Honest Security and Protection Suppliers", "Enterprise of the Most Investment Value in Security and Protection in China", "Users' Trustworthy Enterprises in the Security and Protection Product Quality in China", "Special Contribution Award for Security and Protection Integrity Construction in China", "Guangdong Contract-Credit Enterprise" and "Guangdong Robot Backbone (Cultivation) Enterprise. 

       Launch Digital will adhere to the corporate strategic policy of creating the core competitiveness with the R&D and innovation to move ahead and innovate in the field of intelligent products and provide the all-round professional services for the customers with the latest idea and the optimal products.

       Progress with reputation, pay special attention to quality. Adhering to the principles of "high starting point, high level, high quality, high standard", the company has established the quality management system for the whole process from design, development, purchase, production to service to strictly control the product and service quality and build the improved quality management system, environmental management system certification and occupational health and safety management system so as to provide the powerful guarantee to increase the company management level and promote the brand building. 
       The company has actively promoted integration of all kinds of industries with the advanced communication technology, information technology and control theory and has cooperated with the domestic and foreign well-known colleges and universities such as Universität Siegen, Tsinghua University, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Southwest Jiaotong University, Southwest University of Science and Technology and Beihang University to found the production-study-research cooperation alliance to strengthen the international technical exchanges and cooperation between different disciplines and commonly develop the mainstream technology of intelligent information and control system; meanwhile, it has actively taken part in preparing the industrial, the national and even the international standards.

       Facing the new round of competition, Launch Digital has started "1 + 1" strategy and made efforts in both the longitudinal layout of the industry chain and the cross-industry deep mining direction. Meanwhile, it has improved the service pattern of the networking market. Facing the future, the company will take "Made in China 2025" and "Industry 4.0" era as the opportunity to continue improving the industrial layout, adjusting the organizational frame, strengthening the innovation capacity and comprehensively promoting the company's comprehensive strength in the field of intelligent service to provide the strong power for the company's collectivization development. The company will integrate with innovation, capital and talent to maintain the sustainable enterprise development. Driven by the core idea "innovatively create the core competitiveness", it will keep the private enterprise spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, continuously serve the industrial users with the new high-quality products and promote the development of the robot industry and the infrared industry in China. Adhering to the enterprise treatment thought of taking the people as the first and returning to the country with science and technology, it will provide the users with the more intelligent, more efficient and more perfect intelligent solutions. It will provide the infinite power for the rapid rise of Chinese creations.